Advantages of an Office Water CoolerInvesting in an office water cooler has distinct advantages for the staff as well as the company itself; they are not mere office furniture, but also an essential piece of office equipment that will improve

There are essentially two types of office water coolers; bottled water coolers and mains or Point of Use (POU) water coolers:

Bottled Water Coolers: Bottled water coolers are units in which water is supplied from an inverted bottle placed on the top of the water cooler. The bottles generally have a capacity of between 10 – 20 litres. Living-Water uses natural spring water in its bottles.

Bottled water coolers are suited to smaller office spaces of up to about 150 staff members. Water companies deliver replacement bottles regularly and service these water coolers.

POU Water Coolers: Mains water coolers are plumbed directly into the main water line, so they can supply water virtually non-stop. POUs are suited to all sizes of business, including large office spaces, and some models can be fitted with a water filter so that the water is toxin-free, fresh and pure before it gets to your glass.

The advantages Office Water Coolers include the fact that they will ensure your staff remains well-hydrated and healthy, as public water fountains and tap water are not hygienic. Office water coolers provide fresh, chilled, filtered water at the press of a button. When water is always available, staff will drink it rather than reach for a carbonated drink or a bottle of expensive mineral water.

It is essential that your employees remain hydrated so that they can work at their best, because dehydration can cause various health problems including headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and a foggy brain. Dehydration also affects the working of the brain, especially when it comes to calculations, and can lead to kidney problems, coma and ultimately to death.

Supplying a water cooler for your staff can affect your bottom line positively as your staff will be happier, hydrated, and cool in the hot summer months. Drinking water regularly will also help improve energy levels throughout the office and improve the focus and productivity of all staff members, which means that they will be able to work better for longer.

Contact Living-Water, London’s favourite water supply company to organise for an assessment as to which type would best suit your needs and your budget.