What are the Advantages of Water Coolers?If your employer is still one of those who has not joined the growing trend of supplying a water cooler for staff and clients, then you need to inform them of all the advantages to staff, clients and their business.

Miserly employers feel that their personnel can just drink tap water or supply their own bottled water to drink at work, but what they do not realise is that this is old-fashioned thinking and investing in a water cooler will have many benefits because they encourage staff to drink more water and less tea, coffee, and carbonated drinks which are far less healthy for them.

Drinking bottled water is an option, but it is expensive and not always the healthiest or most eco-conscious option. Just think how much happier everyone would be with the extra money they could save on purchasing hundreds of bottles of water annually… happier staff make better employees.

Research has shown that individuals who are always fully hydrated show better concentration, increased brain activity, increased visual perception, increased mental acuity, and overall better health. Their moods are lighter and they can work harder for much longer. Hydrated individuals also get ill less often, which means that they need less sick days, which is great for the continuity and bottom line of any business.

Bottled Water Coolers are great for smaller businesses that have sufficient storage space to store both empty and full water bottles as well as someone strong enough to be able to lift and change the heavy bottles.

Living-Water, London’s premier water cooler supply company offers a range of bottles water coolers: the Star, the Executive and the Table Top, each of which dispenses Living-Water Spring Water, sourced from a natural, underground source at the heart of the Wenlock range, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty, and a SSSI (Special Site of Scientific Interest).

Mains Water Coolers, also known as point-of-use (POU) water coolers, are plumbed directly into the main water lines, and can be fitted with a water filter. Mains water coolers supply fresh drinking water virtually 24/7.

Living-Water’s range of mains water coolers includes the Continuum, the Fountain, the Pure, the Executive and the under-counter model. All POU water coolers can be fitted with a Living-Water Triple Activated Carbon Filter.