Why You Should Always Use a Water FilterOur lives depend on water; we need to drink it in order to remain hydrated and healthy, as it helps us to both grow and function optimally. The human body consists of around 70% water, which can be found in every single cell in your body.

The human heart contains around 73% water; the brain is approximately 85% water; the muscles and kidneys are around 79% water each; the skin, which is the largest organ in the human body, is 64% water; and human bones contain 31% water. We need water to help digest the food we eat as well as to rid our bodies of toxins via urination. Water also cushions and protects our joints, helps distribute oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body via the blood, and much more.

Unfortunately, a growing global population, increasing use of insecticides and increased manufacturing are affecting our freshwater supplies, filling them with toxins that are lethal to us. Drinking this polluted water can make us very ill, and is in actual fact even worse than not drinking sufficient water.

Bottled water may be healthier because it is not polluted, but it can be rather expensive in the long run, and many of the available bottled waters are in actual fact just plain old tap water that could contain toxins such as heavy metals, fluoride and chlorine by-products. Believe it or not, there are in excess of 2 100 known toxins that can be found in tap water.

Although drinking water that is piped through to your homes or offices is treated beforehand, this is no guarantee that there are no potentially dangerous bacterial contaminants in it. Many toxins that can be found in our drinking water, such as heavy metals, fluoride and chlorine, can cause several types of cancer, including colon cancer, bladder cancer and bone cancer. Lead found in drinking water is the leading cause of learning disorders in over half a million children in the US every year.

A good water filter such as the filters used in the Living-Water mains water coolers, will ensure that your drinking water contains no toxins whatsoever. An added bonus is that your drinking water will be chilled.