If you have a water cooler in your office you undoubtedly have partaken in water cooler chats on various occasions. Water cooler chats are great and can be a source of bonding with co-workers, a source of valuable information, a space where innovative ideas are shared, and a valid method of destressing while rehydrating.

Unfortunately, water cooler chats can also be a great source of irritation when co-workers bring up taboo subjects that can lead to dissension or just be plain annoying. Let’s face it, while water cooler chats can be great, there are just some things that should only be discussed with close friends and never ever at the office.

If you have ever been caught up in one of the following water cooler chats then you will know how annoying they can be:

Food can be a great topic for discussion, except when it is not. If you have ever been in the middle of a rant by a dieting co-worker while they are gorging themselves on cupcakes or a vegan who holds themselves morally superior because they don’t eat anything from animals and tries to get you to eat their disgusting tofu then you know what I am talking about.

Politics and religion should never be discussed at work because who you choose to back in any political race is your business, but that does not meant that it is anyone else’s business or that others will naturally agree with your choice.

Wedding Planner Woes are something that one can understand, but really, while I may be very pleased for you and your upcoming nuptials, I am most certainly not interested in hearing about every single problem you have regarding the menu and the seating plan, I truly don’t care what colour your bridesmaid’s dresses are, or who bought what on your registry for the next year.

Pets and children are wonderful subjects but please spare me the detailed descriptions of their toilet habits and endless photos that seem to be taken on a virtually hourly basis.