There are many benefits to drinking water regularly – the first benefit is hydration. Your body is approximately 70% water and you need to maintain this balance in order to stay healthy and functioning at your peak.

Drinking water regularly ensures that all of your body’s systems function at optimum levels; that your joints are protected; that your brain can pass messages effectively; that your blood can carry oxygen throughout your body; that toxins can be flushed out, and much more.

Drinking water is also vital to a healthy immune system. A major part of your immune system is your lymph, the production of which requires water. The Lymphatic System is about 96% water.

Your lymphatic system is also referred to as ‘your second circulatory system’ because it helps to carry nutrients throughout the body as well as detoxifying and removing impurities, just like the blood will do, which is why it is also known as the ‘second circulatory system.’

There is no pump to keep your lymph system moving like your heart does for your circulatory system. This means that the lymphatic fluid flows much slower than your blood; this is further slowed down by the presence of hundreds of lymph nodes.

Lymph needs to continuously drain and flush toxins and impurities into your kidneys and liver so that they can dispose of them from your body. For your body to function properly therefore, you need to drink enough water to keep the lymph fluid clean and flowing freely.

If you do not drink sufficient water, or have a sedentary lifestyle, or breathe shallowly, your lymph will get stagnant and dirty. Stagnant lymph fluid retains the toxic cellular waste that is supposed to move out of the body and your cells cannot get the nutrients they need, so they will gradually weaken or perish. At this stage the lymph is actually impairing and damaging cells and tissues instead of doing its job of nourishing and repairing them!

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