What are the Benefits of Drinking Water?The human body consists of around two-thirds water, and the amount of water in the body decreases from birth to old age; one loses most of the water during the first 10 years of life. A new-born infant has around 79% water in their body and the average adult male has 57% to 60% water in their body. Obesity can diminish the percentage of water in the body to around 45% or so.

Drinking water has many advantages, including the fact that it aids body growth because there is water in every cell in your body, and your body needs water to manufacture and grow cells. Your body also needs water to help with maintenance – it helps clear all the toxins out of your body via urination and defecation.

Drinking water is also vital to maintain your core body temperature, which is does via sweating when the body gets overheated. Drinking water ensures that there is a medium for critical chemical reactions to occur in the body.

Drinking water ensures that your mucous membranes remain moist and also lubricates your eyes and cushions your joints against injury as well as lubricates them so that they continue to work effortlessly and do not jar against each other.

Water also aids digestion, as it mixes with the food in your mouth and helps break it down then carries it to your stomach and eventually carries the remnants that the body does not need to your colon where they can be excreted.

Around 80% of the brain is water, and it is vital that this level is maintained in order for the brain to work optimally. The brain uses water to send electrical messages via the nervous system to all parts of the body telling them what to do. When the brain gets dehydrated it can lead to headaches, impaired focus and cognitive function, and dizziness.

As you can see, drinking water, especially pure water that is free from all toxins, is vital to your good health, so make sure that you drink enough. If you do not like to drink tap water for any reason, invest in a water cooler with a good filter.