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How Does Water Affect Your Brain?

You know the saying that you must drink 8 full glasses of water a day, or some say about two to three litres of water a day? Well, although it might be extremely healthy and recommended by doctors and health practitioners to drink that entire amount, according to...

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Tips on Water Conservation

Back in the year 1994, individuals right around the world, due to the published studies of scientists, started saving water by implementing new and improved water saving systems. These included low flow showerheads, faucets and low water usage shower heads. While this...

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More Amazing Bodies of Water

Over the past few weeks we have brought you information about some of the most amazing bodies of water on this beautiful planet of ours, and today we end this series with yet more of these.. We are doing this to try and foster a love of our natural water resources in...

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Can I Test my Tap Water for Lead?

Many individuals these days do not trust the water from their tap, especially since there have been so many problems with tap water globally over the past few years. Part of the problem of toxic, polluted tap water lies in the fact that water companies often do not...

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More Annoying Water Cooler Conversations

If you have a water cooler in your office you undoubtedly have partaken in water cooler chats on various occasions. Water cooler chats are great and can be a source of bonding with co-workers, a source of valuable information, a space where innovative ideas are...

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