The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) recently launched a ‘major’ sustainability programme that will focus on 5 key actions over the next five years.

The Sustainability Pledge takes effect in January, and will cover five areas – environmental sustainability, water management, social sustainability, financial sustainability and workplace sustainability, including employee wellbeing.

BWCA chairman John Dundon said: “Ours is one of the most sustainable sectors. Our new sustainability programme of work will deliver that message to a wider audience. It will also serve to enable members to share best practice so that the whole membership will benefit from the impressive knowledge and sustainability work already being undertaken”.

The flagship 5 for 5 Sustainability Pledge, via which the BWCA is asking its members to address 5 key aspects of their businesses over the next 5 years, is:

  1. Increase environmental sustainability through decreases use of energy, reusing and recycling of materials and improved logistics and transport;
  2. Attend to water management to ensure use of water throughout the supply chain is as sustainable as possible in order to protect one of our industry’s most precious resources;
  3. Seek ways of being more socially sustainable by supporting industry-wide and local community corporate social responsibility schemes involving staff and the wider community;
  4. Promote financially sustainable growth linked to environmental sustainability to ensure business success and increased employment;
  5. Ensure our workplaces are healthy, supportive, inclusive, happy and profitable

BWCA general manager Phillipa Atkinson-Clow explained: “We are hugely impressed with the array of activities undertaken by our Members already. So we wanted to show the outside world how great current activities already are; to inspire Members to do even more: and to help them by offering models of best practice from all areas of the industry that others can implement in their own workplaces.”

Dundon added: “Being a BWCA Member sets companies apart from non-members: they are the smart, well-established and well-run companies who pay heed to good standards. To gain and retain their position as a Member of BWCA, companies must pass a stringent audit – not just once, but annually. This initiative is just another way in which the Association can support its Members in celebrating excellence”.