How You Can Address the Strain on Our Water ResourcesDid you know that the percentage of water in your body is around 70%, which is the same percentage as water on the earth? The problem is that only around 2.5% of this water is potable; this is the same percentage of water that can cause dehydration – if it is missing from your body, that is.

The global population is around 7 billion currently, but that figure is rising annually, and this is putting a severe strain on global water resources. Added to this, climate change and pollution is creating an untenable situation and it is estimated that while there is currently approximately 2.7 billion people affected by water shortages, by 2025 the bulk of the global population will be water-stressed.

Irrigation generally accounts for around 70% of water usage; industry for another 22% and domestic usage makes up the remaining 8%, which means that water shortages have a dire impact on human health and welfare as well as the production of food.

We require sufficient drinking water in order to maintain the balance of fluids in our body so that we can operate at our best. Believe it or not, there is water in every single cell in your body, including in your bones, and if you do not maintain your fluid levels you will become dehydrated, which can lead to headaches, fatigue, heart problems, kidney problems, and impaired cognitive function. Your muscles will cramp and not be able to work properly, and your skin will dry out. Without access to clean drinking water, a human being can only survive around 3 days, after which they will expire due to extreme dehydration.

While there seems to be no way to stem the population explosion, there are ways in which we can help the planet and ensure that there will be sufficient water for future generations, and that means saving water where we can, and recycling it where we can.

One simple method to do this is, believe it or not, to invest in a water cooler. Why a water cooler? Simple; a water cooler provides virtually non-stop chilled, filtered drinking water, which will save you thousands in water bills as well as thousands of litres of water annually because that is how much is lost when individuals run the tap until the water is cool enough to drink.