Changing the Face of Network ManagementBefore we discuss changing the face of network development, we need to explain that network management has nothing to do with the internet or social networking. The network management we are referring to is the network of partners in the water sector who are coming together to shape the future of the water sector, support and drive forward the integration of the supply chain, to take on Government, industry and other partners to ensure the future of water globally.

Experts and professionals from across the water sector will once again get together at the 15th Leakage & Metering Conference, known as Future Water Networks 2016, in November to discuss self-healing networks, performance and asset data, zero leakage, and the ability of future of network management to ensure optimum efficiency.

Attendees will review innovations in market separation and competition, metering, mobile operations and future technology. Case studies and presentations from representatives in academia, the water industry, and the insurance sector will be presented and there will also be an exhibition area throughout the event.

This could not come at a better time as there are currently major challenges and opportunities ahead across the water industry which beg innovative and radical thinking and a novel approach to network management, leakage, metering, asset assessment and future development.

Despite all of the global requirements in place for providing fresh water to all, there are still too many countries where the water networking system is inadequate and maintenance is a swear-word. This needs to change drastically so that the millions of deaths due to water-borne diseases annually can be minimised and more individuals have access to clean water and hygienic sanitation.

What we need now is people who think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas for better networking between water companies and even between countries; better ways to improve maintenance and better and cheaper ways to ensure that water infrastructure improves and spreads to those who currently do not have access. THIS is network management!