Conserve Water and Decorate Your Garden at the Same TimeWe all love our gardens because they look nice, gardening is a great relaxing hobby, and our gardens can also provide us with fruit and vegetables to eat, but they often use a lot of water.

In this day and age when most individuals are aware of the impending water constraints that we are all facing due to climate change, droughts and a burgeoning global population, it is imperative that we all do our bit to save water wherever we can, and our garden is one place we can save a lot of water.

The first way to save water is to plan a water-wise garden, which means planting flowers, shrubs and trees that are indigenous to the area, therefore require less watering. Local vegetation is beautiful and a mixture of water-wise flowers, aloes and other indigenous plants can make for a very lovely and eco-conscious space.

While lawns are also beautiful and we all enjoy seeing lush green grass, they do take a lot of watering, so keep them to the minimum. Instead of planting massive lawns, plant lawn only where you like to relax in the summer and use the rest of the area for planting lovely fresh veggies instead.

Decorate your garden with Kusari doi’ or “rain chains” which run from your gutters to catchment areas, water containers or straight into the garden. This traditional Japanese garden decoration is also very ecological as it directs water to your garden that would otherwise end up in the drainage system.

Rain chains can consist of a single heavy chain or a series of metal cups hung from a chain – you can also think of other decorative means of creating your own rain chains. Apart from the ecological benefit of rain chains, the can also be very decorative as well as add ambience to your outdoor areas as the water flowing from one cup/container to the next sounds like a bubbling brook, which can be very calming.

Turn your garden into a beautiful little piece of Zen with just a few great ideas and feel great about your eco-friendly methods at the same time.

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