What are the Different Types of Drinking Water?I always thought that drinking water is drinking water, until a friend of mine showed me some pamphlets about different types of water when they were recently looking to purchase a water cooler.

I seriously never knew that there were so many different kinds of water and that while some water is better for one to drink, while other water is not that healthy:

Tap water, which I always thought was basically okay, according to our government anyway, is apparently full of carcinogens – eek! Bottled water is not something I will actually waste money on as it is rather expensive and I hate the thought of all those plastic bottles messing up the environment.

Distilled water, which I basically always thought was only used in car batteries and hospitals, is apparently toted as a healthy version of water due to an absence of chemicals, yet the lack of trace minerals can make it more acidic, which is not something that I need to be drinking.

Many individuals tout the benefits of drinking reverse osmosis (RO) water, but this too is apparently “dead” water which contains no trace minerals (some of which are actually nutrients that our bodies need).

I have been reading a lot about the health benefits of “alkaline water” recently and have seen various alkaline water systems advertised as the holy grail of water systems, so I looked into them. It seems that although they may benefit some people in that they do “deliver exceptional active hydrogen and abundant colloidal mineral content,” the pH levels in alkaline water can be very high sometimes, which is not healthy long-term.

Spring water is of course the purest water of all, because it is natural and is full of minerals and oxygen, which makes it the healthiest choice, but one needs to be circumspect in whom one trusts as to whether their “spring water” is actually sourced from a genuine underground spring.

Just shows, one can learn something new every day, no matter how old you are. After reading all of this information, I think I am going to follow my friend’s example and contact Living-Water to see whether to purchase one of their bottled water coolers, guaranteed to contain genuine Living-Water Spring Water, or a mains water cooler with a filter – either way I know that my drinking water will then be pure and refreshingly cool.