Drink Water if You Have a Cough or ColdWinter months bring cold weather, warm clothes, hot chocolate and fires in the hearth, but they also bring on a spate of cough and colds. Children especially seem to get sick more often, especially when they are at school with other sick children, and we all know that “Man-Flu” is real and the worst thing ever.

On average, a child of school-going age will catch a cold between three and eight times a year sur to the virus being passed on via coughing and sneezing that expels the virus into the air, and it is then inhaled by other children.

While coughs and colds are generally caused by a viral infection, it is somewhat of a joke that we can transplant hearts and various other organs, put a man on the moon and even make 3D prints of limbs that work almost as good as the real thing yet we still cannot cure the common cold.

While there are plenty of “cold medications” on the market, none of them can actually cure the common cold. What these medications actually do is treat the symptoms or side-effects of coughs and colds such as the aches and pains, the fever, the blocked nose, the sore joints, and a tight chest, but not the actual cold.

Actually, the best thing you or your children, and yes, even hubby, can do to fight the common cold or a hacking cough is to drink more water. Drinking water helps the body to stay hydrated which will help to:

  • Loosen the mucous in your airways so that it can be coughed up and spat out;
  • Help your sinuses to drain more effectively;
  • Prevent the mucous membrane from getting infected;
  • Help regulate your core body temperature

Ensure that your drinking water is the best quality water by investing in a water cooler, as tap water in even first-world countries has been found to contain various toxins. You can either get a bottled water cooler or a mains or point-of-use water cooler that is plumbed directly into your main water line with a filter fitted at the juncture so that all your drinking water is of the highest quality.