Drinking Water - The Ultimate Beauty SecretBy now most of us know that around 70% of our bodies consist of water which we lose throughout the day and must replace by drinking water regularly, but did you know that drinking water could be the best kept beauty secret?

The honest truth is that drinking water is an integral part of your beauty treatment that you should not ignore.

Drinking water is very good for your skin, the largest organ in the human body. Drinking sufficient water on a regular basis will ensure that your skin remains hydrated, plump looking and elastic. If you look at an old person’s skin you will notice that it is wrinkled and sagging; this is because there is less water in their bodies, which means that it is no longer plumped out or elastic. Older persons generally have less water in their bodies (around 60%) and are also often dehydrated because they no longer feel the symptoms of dehydration they could when they were younger.

Drinking water regularly is also good for your hair because drinking sufficient water on a daily basis flushes harmful toxins out of your body which often settle in your hair. Being well-hydrated also ensures that your immune system is healthy, which promotes healthy and speedy hair growth. Well-hydrated hair also shines more so looks better and means that you do not need to use expensive, chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners.

Drinking water regularly also promotes healthy muscle development as the oxygen in the water feeds the muscles and makes them stronger. While regular exercise is important for good muscle-tone, drinking water is integral to healthy hardworking muscles.

Drinking water regularly also helps your body maintain the correct core body temperature and helps your body alleviate aches and pains effectively and heal much faster. Drinking water regularly also helps asthma sufferers as increasing water intake causes histamine levels which cause allergies to decrease.

In short, drinking water regularly and ensuring that you are always well-hydrated will ensure that your body works optimally, that your immune system is good, and that you get ill less often as water is necessary to rid the body of toxins that make us sick.

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