While the body itself is around 70% water, the human brain consists of approximately 95% water, and when you do not drink sufficient water on a regular basis, the dehydration will cause your brain function to become impaired.

The human brain cells require a delicate balance that includes water and various other elements in order to function optimally. This means that you need to drink water as well as other liquids such as tea, juice etc. on a regular basis. Eating water-rich fruits and vegetables will also help keep you hydrated.

Not drinking sufficient water will result in:

Impaired Brain Cell Function: If you do not drink sufficient water and become dehydrated, your brain cells will shrivel up, resulting in impaired transport of oxygen, minerals and other materials between cells. Dehydration also alters the structure of the brain cells which will ultimately result in deterioration.

Mental Effects: The dehydrated brain will result in various mental effects such as confusion, mental fatigue, and a distinct lack of energy.

Psychomotor and Visuomotor Functioning: If your brain gets dehydrated, it will affect your ability to focus on a computer screen, read a book, or do simple arithmetic; it may also affect your concentration and hand-eye coordination. In extreme cases this can also mean disorientation, hallucinations, coma and even death.

How much water you need to drink to keep your body and your brain well-hydrated and in good health depends on your level of activity, geographical location, diet, weight, age and various other factors.

It is important to begin your day with a nice large glass of water, drink water throughout the day as well as other liquids and eating fruit and vegetables with a 90% and higher water content as well as many of the essential electrolytes and nutrients, such as tomatoes, celery, oranges, watermelon, and grapefruit.

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