All that we hear these days is “save water; recycle and reuse water” and many individuals are sick and tired of hearing the same message and not actually seeing any difference.

Everyone says the same boring old things such as “fix your leaky taps and replace broken pipes, take showers instead of baths, and take shorter showers; water your garden less and only in the cooler hours; use only grey water to wash down your pathways and your car.”

While many individuals are already using all of the above methods, there are still major water shortages due to growing populations and climate change. There are, however many other ways to save water as well as on your utility bills.

The following methods will do both of the above and also help reduce your carbon footprint and be kinder to Mother Earth:

  1. Bathe your Fruit and Vegetables: Use a large bowl or pot in which to wash your fruit and veg instead of doing so under a running tap, and use the water to water house-plants instead of throwing it away.
  1. Boiled Water: Instead of throwing boiled water that you have used for cooking vegetables, eggs or pasta down the drain, reuse it. For instance, if you’re making potato salad, boil the eggs and remove them then use the same water to boil the potatoes. You can also use the boiling water to soak dirty dishes with stubborn, stuck-on stains prior to washing them in clean water.
  1. Don’t order water needlessly: Many restaurants have stopped automatically providing guests with a complimentary glass of water unless one is requested. If you are offered one, only say yes if you are actually going to drink it with your meal, not just because it is free.
  1. Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers: Use leftover water for plants, vegetation and landscaping.

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