Water cooler conversations are an important part of any office networking and socialising and are very healthy for all employees and management. Drinking water several times a day ensures that everyone remains fully hydrated and healthy.

Taking water cooler breaks to drink some chilled, pollutant-free water ensures that you remain alert, energised and more productive. Water cooler breaks are also great for team-building, or at least the conversations around the water cooler are.

Are you short of subjects to discuss around the water cooler? Not sure what to say when you ae in a crowd of colleagues; looking to make friends in a new company or impress the boss? Below are some interesting and plain fun subjects that are always good to introduce when on a water cooler break:

If You Were a Wrestler, What Would Your Gimmick be? Professional wrestling is a big part of television entertainment, and most individuals, especially men, generally follow World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) or have imagined themselves in the ring at some time or the other. If you were a wrestler, what would your gimmick be?

Why do dentists always talk to you when you cannot respond? Everyone has been in the chair at the dentist or dental hygienist at some time or the other, and they always seem to want to have a conversation while they have their fingers and various dental tools in your mouth, why?

Do you believe in reincarnation, and if so, what would you like to return as? Would you like to come back as a lazy, spoiled cat? A famous novelist? A film star or a business mogul?

Who is ‘Spongeworthy’? For whatever reason, there is only one condom, birth control pill or sponge left in the world for each person. You don’t want children. This means, the next person you go to bed with will have to be very special. Who would you consider to be “spongeworthy”?

Of course one needs to be a bit circumspect as to what company you raise which topic with, but if the others are open to it one can have a lot of fun around the water cooler and go back to work feeling refreshed, relaxed, in a better mood, and ready for anything.