You know the saying that you must drink 8 full glasses of water a day, or some say about two to three litres of water a day? Well, although it might be extremely healthy and recommended by doctors and health practitioners to drink that entire amount, according to science, it is not necessary, and we’ll still be able to stay healthy if we drink any amount of water if we stay hydrated. Now, this still means you must consume enough water, but if little over a litre, for instance, does the trick for you then it’s completely fine.

The Importance of Water

Water is necessary for the entire body to be able to function and do so well. It increases the health of your liver, kidneys and even your heart but what many people don’t know, is water has a major effect on the brain. One of the biggest as it consists of approximately 70-75% water. This helps us understand even more why it is crucial to drink water and not skip it. Perhaps your body does need 7-8 glasses of water but be sure to also stay comfortable in your body and listen to your body when drinking water.

What will water do for your brain?

  • Water will harmonize your body and make your brain work faster

Water will not only aid your entire body, but it will also keep all your cells and organs in check when it comes to staying healthy and do what exactly what they’re supposed to do, optimally. A good tip is to drink water as soon as you wake up as it is necessary to re-hydrate your brain after being asleep.

  • Water will increase your connection to the brain, as well as the rest of your body

While most of us don’t recognize dehydration, its most noticeable symptom includes dizziness and dry skin. When dehydrated, your memory will lose its agility and it will become more and more difficult to concentrate. Water can help fix your attention span.

  • It balances your mental health and emotions

Who wouldn’t want a bit of that? Did you know your emotions are affected when you see water? Hence the calm feeling that comes over you when you see the ocean… It’s the same with drinking water, you increase your brains temperature, remove dead cells and toxins, all while balancing the chemical processes that will allow for you to recalibrate your thoughts and give you a mental restart.

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