All about Human Water ConsumptionHuman bodies are not only made up of flesh and bone, but also of between 60% to 70% water. This water is spread throughout our bodies in the following percentages; our brains are 70% water, our blood is 80% water and our lungs are 90% water. There is water in every single cell in the human body, even in our bones.

Humans can function without food for weeks at a time, but cannot survive without water for more than a few days. We need water in order to survive; it helps to prevent constipation, moistens the tissues of the mouth, eyes and nose, protects the body’s organs and tissues, provides oxygen to the cells via the bloodstream, lubricates the joints, and helps dissolve minerals and nutrients so that the body can easily access them.

Water moves nutrients throughout the body’s cells; it flushes toxins and waste from our bodies in the form of urine and faeces, regulates our core body temperature via sweating when the body gets too hot and keeps our mucous membranes moist. Most individuals lose more or less 500ml of water via perspiration, around 1,500ml by elimination (urine and faeces) and slightly more than a cup of water by exhalation every single day.

The body does not only lose water though, it also loses loses electrolytes, which consist of minerals like potassium and sodium that are essential for one’s health. The human body needs to maintain its fluid balance for good health, which means that we need to replace this lost water regularly.

When lost fluids are not replaced regularly by drinking water and eating water-rich foods, our bodies become dehydrated. Dehydration is when the fluid balance in the body falls below what is necessary for optimum functioning.

Around two million individuals, including children, die from dehydration caused by diarrhoea in developing countries every year according to the World Health Organisation (WHO. This is the reason why the WHO has laid out set standards for the accessibility, quality, quantity, and affordability of water for individuals.

Those living in the UK are lucky enough to have good quality drinking and domestic water, but this does not mean that it is 100% pure. Many individuals do not drink adequate amounts of water because they do not like the smell or taste of the chemicals in it.

The solution is to ensure that you drink enough water for your body to operate at its best by investing in a water cooler that dispenses filtered water 24/7. Human water consumption is a must, so why not drink water that is chilled, non-toxic, and smells, tastes, and looks great.

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