Important Water Facts You Should KnowHow much time to you actually spend thinking about water? If you are like most people, you basically just know that you open the tap and out it flows; you may also know that water is important to your body, but do you know exactly why?

Water is necessary for life; the human body consists of more than 70% water which is spread throughout the body in the following constant percentages:

  • Bones – 31% water;
  • Brain – 85% water;
  • Heart -73% water;
  • Kidneys – 79% water
  • Muscles – 79% water
  • Skin – 64% water

Drinking water regularly ensures that all the tissues and vital organs of the body have adequate fluid levels to operate efficiently.

Toxins are to be found everywhere; on objects we handle, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink and use for various uses and in various other places. These toxins can enter the body via your skin or by inhaling them and need to be flushed from your body via sweating and urination. Drinking plenty of water helps stimulate the kidneys and promote healthy urine flow and sweating.

Believe it or not, but drinking water also helps with your energy levels, as being dehydrated brings on fatigue and also impedes muscle action. Drinking caffeinated or sugary drinks does the opposite; they may give you a sudden burst of energy, but this will be followed by a crash.

Water is necessary for all your digestive functions, from creating the digestive juices that help you chew and digest your food to helping it move through your body, into the colon and ultimate elimination. Dehydration causes bloatedness and constipation.

Drinking plenty of water each day also improves your immune system, helping your body to fight off communicable and other diseases and to recover from them faster. Dehydration can be linked to stroke, heart problems and various other serious illnesses.

Drinking sufficient water on a regular basis also aids with concentration, as the brain is around 85% water and when it becomes dehydrated it cannot function optimally which can lead to impaired brain function including problems with focusing, performing mathematical calculations, and cognition.

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