Your body is around 70% water, and you need to drink water regularly in order to maintain this balance because it is vitally important to your good health. The body cannot store water and loses it throughout the day so it is vital that you drink water regularly.

Drinking water throughout the day ensures that your body is able to rid itself of the toxins that you ingest, keeps your membranes moist, helps your cells grow, keeps your joints lubricated and cushioned against injury, and keeps the viscosity of your blood regular and able to be pumped throughout your body easily.

Increasing your daily water intake will help to:

Combat the stress that is caused by dehydration when the body manufactures excess levels of the hormone, cortisol. Drinking water will combat this by lowering your stress levels, leaving you more relaxed.

Recover and maintain muscle strength; a mere 3% dehydration can reduce your muscle strength by up to 15% because dehydration breaks down proteins and shrinks the muscles. Drinking water will rehydrate and replenish them.

Reduce your hunger cravings, thereby helping you to lose weight because you will not mistake dehydration for hunger pangs and grab for the nearest piece of cake or fattening snack.

Ward off Fatigue caused by dehydration that causes your metabolism comes to a grinding halt, thereby disrupting your body’s fluid balance and decreasing the volume of your blood. This results in your heart having a harder time of it to deliver nutrients and life-giving oxygen throughout your body. Next time you feel as though you have no energy at work, try reaching for a nice glass of chilled water instead of a caffeine drink.

Keep you looking younger because the skin, you body’s largest organ, is also its best detoxifying organ as it rids the body of toxins via sweating and evaporation. Drinking water regularly also aids your body make collagen, which keeps your skin plump and wrinkle-free, making you appear younger.

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