Individuals Are Becoming More Water-Wise According to the Consumer Council for Water’s ‘Attitudes to Tap Water and Using Water Wisely‘ 2016 survey, more consumers are paying attention to how much water they are using and are making a concerted effort to use tap water efficiently.

Around 66% of adults have reported making a conscious decision to consume less water over the past three years, which is up 13% from 2015. While the survey suggests that the main reason was to save money, the other benefits of individuals not wasting water are great too, as there was far too much wastage in the past.

The survey also revealed that less people are drinking tap water at work and in restaurants, and the individuals that say they are drinking bottled water at home has risen from 8% to 14% since 2015. UK Water says that this is totally unnecessary, as the tap water in the UK consistently ranks among the best in the world due to the strong regulations in place.

Many would disagree with UK Water though, as there have been many reports of both pharmaceutical and recreational drugs found in the drinking water, some of which have affected the fish and other wildlife.

Individuals are also not happy with the fact that the UK uses fluoride in the tap water as it has been proven in many research papers that fluoride in the water firstly does not really help with dental problems and secondly is a known carcinogen.

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