Kenya is home to around 44 million people, of which approximately 43% or 18 million individuals do not have access to clean drinking water or hygienic sanitation. Approximately 3,100 children die annually in Kenya as a result of diarrhoea, caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Community water sources consist of the local watering holes that are utilised by animals and humans alike, a small stream, runoff from Mt. Kilimanjaro, or Lake Victoria. Unfortunately virtually all of these freshwater resources are rife with industrial waste, raw sewage, parasites, bacteria, and disease.

Citizens of Kenya are plagued with health problems from water pathogens, because they have been left unprotected against epidemics such as cholera, typhoid, and parasitic worms. Apart from the contamination in the water itself, most of the containers used to collect the water from the pumps and river basins are also a source of disease as they are not hygienic and have often previously contained oil, pesticides, waste or fertiliser.

Just One Africa has partnered with the amazing people of Kenya to try and make a difference, and it is working… slowly…

According to various studies, 10% of the global disease burden could be prevented by improving water supply, hygiene, and sanitation, and through proper water management. Just One Africa is providing the people of Kenya with simple, effective water filters that can each filter up to 3.7 million litres of clean, safe water and which do not require any replaceable parts.

Diarrhoea is second only to pneumonia in deaths in children under five years of age (excluding neonatal) in Kenya due to lack of access to water and sanitation. Water-related diseases are the number one cause of hospitalisation in children under age five.

Access to clean, safe water is a catalyst for change and the first step to elevating communities from a cycle of sickness and poverty to one of health and hope.

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