What do you know about Bottled Water?There are many myths surrounding bottled water, and this has led to various people and companies taking advantage and selling their products to unsuspecting customers while basically lying about their products just to make a buck.

The only plastic used for bottled water in the UK may be PET, which contains no BPA, thereby making the water safe to drink as there is no leaching of chemicals that have a negative on human health.

Cancer Research UK has discredited claims that plastic water bottles left in cars will leach carcinogens into the water; as stated on their website, “there is no convincing scientific evidence to back up these claims or to suggest that any of these products could cause cancer.” The same stands for freezing water in a plastic bottle; it cannot cause cancer.

So, while the above may be true, it is with the following that we have a problem; plastic water bottles are 100% recyclable. While this may be true, the fact is that a mere 5% of plastic water bottles are actually recycled while the remaining millions of bottles end up either floating in rivers, lakes and oceans or in landfills all over the world where they will lay for a very long time, as the average time for a plastic bottle to completely biodegrade is between 450 and 1 000 years.

The other problem is those unscrupulous water companies referred to earlier that punt water that comes from the Alps or a remote spot in Alaska, charging exorbitant amounts for it when it truth it is really the self-same water that comes out of your tap.

The best way to ensure that you drink sufficient water regularly yet remain eco-conscious is to purchase a water cooler. Whether you buy a bottled water cooler or a mains water cooler is your choice – my personal choice is for a mains water cooler that is plumbed directly into my main water pipe and fitted with a carbon filter that ensures that I have a virtually endless supply of filtered, chilled, great-tasting drinking water.

Living-Water, London’s premier water supply company, offers a range of bottled water coolers (filled with Living-Water Spring Water from Origin) and mains water coolers as well as filters and other accessories.