Water is not the most interesting drink on the planet, but it is one of the healthiest drinks and it helps flush out toxins, regulate body temperature, balances blood sugar, helps your digestive system, and performs many other vital functions.

Despite that fact that most of us know that drinking water is good for us, many individuals are still not drinking sufficient water. According to research done by Rockefeller University, around 10% of people don’t drink water at all, and a further 28% only drinking two glasses per day.

There are various methods of ensuring that you drink sufficient water every day:

Drink Tea: Drinking teas is a good way of getting water into your body as tea adds flavour and interest but contains no calories. You can either drink your tea hot or enjoy it iced with some lemon or mint added.

Spice it up: simmer a cinnamon stick in roughly a cup of water; add it to with a jug of cold water for an energising drink with lovely fresh blast of cinnamon flavouring. Cinnamon has been proven to help lower both blood sugar and cholesterol.

Eat your Water: Eat soup, which is mainly water-based, or eat fruit and vegetables that have high water content such as melons, apples, pears, grapes, leeks, cabbage, etc.

Add Fruit Juice: if you prefer your drinks to have some taste, dilute some fruit juice with ice cold water for a tasty, healthy yet not so sugar-laden drink;

Naturally Flavour your Water: Adding fruit or vegetables such as apples or lemons to your water can boost the flavour. You can also use herbs like mint or rosemary, and cucumbers also work well;

Invest in a Water Cooler: Investing in a water cooler makes sense because you will have easy, 24/7 access to filtered, great-tasting, chilled water to drink that tastes almost as good as natural spring water, and there is nothing better than that!