According to a recent study, billions of individuals across the globe are drinking water that is dangerously contaminated with plastic particles.

Approximately 95% of water sampled in the United States contained traces of plastic, and tests done in the UK and Europe have revealed that the situation there is just as dire, with around 75% of drinking water in Europe contaminated by plastic pollution.

Plastic is now not only threatening and destroying the land thanks to billions of plastic bags and other plastic articles strewed across the landscape and millions of plastic water bottles lying in landfills leaching their poison into the earth; it is now in the water as well.

There is nowhere that is safe from the scourge of plastic anymore; our rivers, lakes, reservoirs and oceans are all tainted with plastic. Rivers carry an estimated 1.15-2.41 million tonnes of plastic into the sea every year, and it is getting worse. Just a month ago a ship that went aground in a storm in Durban Harbour was responsible for millions of little plastic pellets being dumped into the ocean, threatening marine and human life.

Researchers at a Dutch foundation developing new technologies for ridding the oceans of plastic, The Ocean Cleanup, say that the millions of tonnes of plastic carried into the sea via rivers every year require between 48,000 and 100,000 dump trucks to transport away.

The plastic pollution crisis in the Pacific Ocean is particularly bad, as is evidenced by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which was discovered more than thirty years ago, and is a massive conglomeration of plastic debris, the circumference of which is bigger than the land surface of India.

Plastic pollution is putting everyone’s health at risk as it is not only tainting our drinking water but is also tainting the food that we eat. According to a study conducted by the University of Ghent in 2016, Britons who feast on seafood can ingest up to 11,000 pies of plastic annually.

A ground-breaking UN Environment Project Report warned last year that people who consumer plastic-contaminated fish could be exposed to substances that cause genetic disruption, infertility, and even poisoning.

Make sure that your drinking water does not contain tiny pieces of plastic by investing in a water cooler with a really good filter that will provide you with pure chilled drinking water every time.