How Popular are Water Coolers in the UK?Water coolers have become very popular in the UK over the past decade or two, even though the UK has quite good tap water by international standards.

Water coolers are no longer the domain of just offices, they can now also be found in sports complexes and gyms, restaurants and pubs, small shops, schools, and more and more in private homes as well.

Water coolers come in various styles and sizes, and offer a virtually non-stop supply of chilled, fresh drinking water. More bosses are purchasing water coolers as it has become known how vital it is to keep staff fully hydrated during work hours.

Tap water just does not cut it, and bottled water works out very expensive over a period of time, either for the business or for the individual. Management has also realised that keeping their staff hydrated while at work affects their bottom line positively as personnel that are well-hydrated work harder and for longer.

There are effectively two types of water cooler; bottled water coolers which have a large inverted bottle of water on top and mains or point of use (POU) water coolers that are directly plumbed into the main water line.

Both types of water coolers offer great advantages such as:

  • Providing easy access to pure, chilled, great-tasting drinking water that is far healthier than ordinary tap water;
  • It is far cheaper to access drinking water from a water-cooler than to purchase bottled water;
  • Water coolers can dispense up to 200 glasses of chilled fresh drinking water per hour, which is great for functions and large offices;

Many water coolers have the added advantage that they can be customised to your corporate colours or imprinted with your company logo.

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