Pros and Cons of Office Water CoolersWith so many stories in the news every day about toxins in our drinking water supplies that range from pesticides to pharmaceuticals, cocaine, waste products and various other toxic substances, it seems as though drinking tap water is far more dangerous than it is healthy.

Whether this is really so or not, we all still have to drink enough water every day to keep our bodies hydrated and working at top performance. Drinking sufficient water is vital to overall health and the optimal functioning of not only your body, but also your brain.

Dehydration causes fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, and problems in cognitive thinking and the ability to solve complicated mathematical problems, which could interfere with your work. This has led to many company bosses looking into the advantages and disadvantages of investing in office water coolers to ensure their staff complement stays hydrated during work hours.

As with any equipment, there are both pros and cons to purchasing an office water cooler:

Advantages or Pros

  • Office water coolers are more hygienic than drinking water from a tap in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Most office water coolers are portable, which means that they can be moved to the best position in the office and should the business move the water cooler can be moved to the new premised just like any other piece of equipment.
  • Reputable water companies will ensure that office coolers remain sanitary at all times
  • Most water companies also supply paper cups for use with water coolers; this means less glasses or cups to be washed
  • An office water cooler makes easy access to fresh, chilled water a cinch, which staff greatly appreciate
  • Many top-of-the-range office water coolers provide chilled, ambient and hot water options virtually constantly
  • Office water coolers encourage personnel to drink more water and less unhealthy carbonated drinks

Disadvantages or Cons

  • Bottled office water coolers require regular deliveries; no delivery means no water
  • Bottled office water coolers need storage space for both empty and full water bottles
  • Water bottles are heavy and can be difficult to change, which could be a problem
  • Plumbed-in or mains water coolers are initially a bit expensive

Make sure that you select the type of water cooler best suited to your business and amount of employees, and ensure that you only use a reputable water company that is a member of the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA).