Protecting Our Water SourcesWater is at the heart of civilisation and humanity, and it is vital that we protect our water sources and resources to the best of our ability at all times. This means not wasting the water resources that we have as well as looking after the environment in order to preserve the good quality of the water in the area.

The catchment area (the area where rain and snow seep into the soil to then journey underground through layers of rock) is generally an extremely protected zone which is normally subject to rigorous and extensive environmental protection which can extend to cover several thousands of hectares.

Protective measures are generally put into place to prevent pollution or any type of contamination of the water, and the landscape around the source must be kept free of pollutants as well; this in turn ensures the protection of natural habitats and biodiversity.

Naturally water sources, which are the sources used for our domestic water as well as for agriculture, energy, and various other uses, are renewable; this means that they are constantly being replenished through nature’s water cycle.

It is vital that the amount of water that is drawn from these natural sources is done so with respect and does not exceed natural flow rates; it should be well below. It is also of extreme importance that comprehensive groundwater management is carried out at all times in order to guarantee both the quality and quantity of naturally sourced water.

Great care should always be taken to ensure that there will be no harmful impact on the water environment and also to ensure that sufficient resources remain available for safe water consumption for future generations.

While it is up to the powers that be to ensure good water management, we as individuals also need to do our bit, which includes not dumping garbage in nature or in any rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans or anywhere else than in an appropriate receptacle. Save water where you can and reuse and recycle water where possible too; this is of vital importance.

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