Humans clean drinking water in order to stay hydrated and healthy and to sustain both mental and physical performance. The human body consists of around 70% water, which can be found in every single cell in the body. This balance needs to be maintained for adequate hydration and good health.

Drinking insufficient water on a regular basis can result in health issues such as fatigue, high cholesterol, joint pain, hypertension, arthritis, depression, headaches, dizziness, brain damage, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, attention deficit, lower back pain, kidney problems, urinary problems, leukaemia, muscle cramping, scleroderma, stroke, cancer and various other conditions, including coma and even death.

Even though you may drink water in the morning, you still need to drink more throughout the day, especially if you are physically active or it is hot, as the body cannot store water and loses it throughout the day via sweating, coughing, urinating and even just breathing. It is therefore vital that you drink a nice large glass of water several times per day even if you are also drinking tea, coffee and juice.

Drinking water regularly will:

  • Enhance Mental Clarity – A mere 2% loss of bodily fluids can lead to dehydration, which can result in a lack of concentration and short-term memory problems;
  • Improve Digestion – Drinking sufficient water will aid us in digesting the food we consume as well as help it pass through the colon;
  • Prevent Cancer – Drinking water regularly will lower the risk of bladder cancer by up to 50% and colon cancer by approximately 45%;
  • Cushions and Protect Joints – Water creates a cushion around our joints which both protects them from getting injured by blows and lubricates them so that they move easily and do not grate against each other
  • Flush Toxins – Water is critical in aiding our body to flush dangerous toxins out of our system

Drink water first thing in the morning and throughout the day for the best health; water from a water cooler will freshen you up nicely and the bonus is that it is pure and tastes great as well.