By now most of us are aware that the fluoride put into our tap water by our governments, meant to help the poor who do not have access to good dental health and services fight tooth decay, is carcinogenic.

Despite numerous studies confirming this, governments across the world refuse to believe that fluoride is carcinogenic and continue to subject us all to this poison. This has led to millions of individuals attempting to remove the fluoride from their drinking water, not always successfully.

The following methods, although touted by various individuals, will not remove fluoride from your drinking water; freezing water, boiling water, and most tap or jug filters. In actual fact, boiling the water will actually concentrate the fluoride rather than reduce it and freezing the water will not affect the concentration of fluoride whatsoever.

Ways to Remove Fluoride from Water

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration will remove the fluoride from tap water, but most reverse osmosis systems are generally unaffordable for personal use.
  • Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filters also work but are relatively expensive and require frequent replacement.
  • Distillation Filtration Filters can be purchased to remove fluoride from water, but unfortunately distillation can also remove the minerals that are in the water.

The best method of ensuring that your drinking water and that of your loved ones is pure is to invest in a water cooler that is plumbed into your main water line and fitted with a really good water filter that removes all pollutants, including fluoride such as the Living-Water Triple Activated Carbon Filter.

Living-Water’s range of HYDRO+ In Line filters feature silverised GAC, carbon block, sediment and media filter options. Scale inhibitor options are also available in most versions.

These injection-moulded polypropylene filters are manufactured in the UK using state-of-the-art spin welding equipment. Spin welding produces a high quality hermetically sealed product.

The HYDRO+ filters are for use on cold and ambient water supplies and cover a wide variety of water-treatment applications.

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