Quite frankly I do not know why anyone would purchase bottled water, let alone on Amazon, but apparently many individuals do – at a hefty price!

Accusations have recently been levelled at the e-commerce giant for “gouging prices to capitalise on back-to-back catastrophic hurricanes afflicting Florida and Texas.”

Amazon refutes these claims, saying: “We do not engage in surge pricing. We are actively monitoring our website and removing offers on bottled water that substantially exceed the recent average sales price. Prices have not widely fluctuated in the last month.”

The platform, which connects 2 million merchants with 300 million shoppers, take a commission on each sale and according to it is not the seller with eyebrow-raising price tags. This, according to them, is “Tal DG,” who is hawking a case of Poland Spring water for $36.72 as opposed to Staples which sells the same Poland Spring water for less than $10.

BestSource OfficeSupplies is another seller with a high price-tag, selling a 35-pack of Crystal Geyser water, which can be had for a mere $5.63 from OfficeDirectSupply.com, for a whopping $31.50.

According to Amazon, its algorithms are designed to spot unusually high prices in comparison to other sellers and to suspend those accounts. According to them, the more expensive water is showing up because the cheaper water is sold out, bringing the more expensive items previously buried in search results suddenly to the top.

According to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Amazon has suspended 12 merchants for high prices amidst many complaints, one of which was from a customer who ordered a case of water from Amazon and was charged $100 for delivery.

Either way, this does show us one thing, and that is that we all need to save water wherever we can, and where possible save a few 5lt bottles of fresh drinking water in case of emergencies, otherwise we will have no alternative but to pay through the neck for this life-giving and life-saving liquid.

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