What Role Does Water Play in My Body?Most individuals know by now that drinking water is important to the human body, and that we need to drink water in order to survive and stay healthy, but not many understand exactly why that is. This is because the role of water in the human body is rather complex.

The human body consists of around 75% water, and it is vital that we maintain this balance for our continued good health and optimal functioning. Our bodies are designed to be self-healing, via our immune system, and drinking water regularly is vital to this ability.

If you are like me, you will do what is good for you if you understand why, and this includes understanding what role water plays in the human body. You look after your tools and equipment, and most people look after their cars pretty well too, as they know that if they do not the car will just stop working, yet most of us do not do so for our own bodies.

Drinking water regularly is one of if not the most important thing you can do for yourself and your health.

The role of water in the human body imitates the role of water in nature; its main tasks being cleansing, transportation, and the transmission of heat, sound and electricity:

  • All communications in the human body are via electrical impulses, which are conducted via water, which improves the capacity of the nerves to send the messages;
  • Drinking water flushes impurities and waste from our bodies via the kidneys;
  • Drinking water keeps all our joints lubricated, and our muscles working smoothly;
  • Drinking water keeps the body’s core temperature regulated via sweating;
  • Every single cell in the human body contains water;
  • The water in the human body can be found both inside and outside of the cells;
  • The water in your body transports nutrients and waste throughout the body via your blood;
  • Water keeps our skin moisturised, elastic and plump; and
  • Water moves in and out of the cells in your body, depositing nutrients and extracting waste from them.

Make sure that you keep your body working optimally by drinking water regularly.

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