As we are all trying to cut down on our water usage due to global water shortage problems, we need to do everything we can to limit our usage for anything other than health purposes.

Do not cut down on the amount of water that you drink every day because your body needs it. It is vital that you maintain your body fluid levels. Your body consists of around 70% water and because you lose water throughout the day and your body cannot save water, you need to ensure that you drink water consistently throughout the day.

Some ways to cut down on your water usage at home is to install low-flow toilets and showerheads; take showers instead of bathing, recycle your grey water into the garden, and fix all leaking pipes and taps.

Another way is to plant a water wise garden – this means planting only plants and trees that do not need a lot of water to survive and thrive. While colourful gardens are beautiful, this can be achieved by planting various indigenous plants, flowers and shrubs.

A lush green lawn is great for the whole family and for the animals, but keeping that lawn looking verdantly green takes a lot of watering. There are however some shortcuts that you can take that will keep your lawn looking good while using less water:

  • Only water your lawn when you step on the grass and it doesn’t spring back, leaving footprints;
  • Do not water your lawn lightly every day during dry spells – this will encourage a shallow root system that does more harm than good;
  • Soaking your lawn for around 30 minutes around once a month should keep it looking good as this will ensure that the deep roots get a good watering;
  • Only water your garden in the early morning, before 9am when it is cool – this will reduce evaporation which can cause up to 30% water-loss ; and
  • Do not mow too often – let your lawn grow to about 12 cms before mowing

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