Did you know that there are roughly 100, 000, 000 sharks killed each year?

Sometimes it’s better to use numbers when we make a statement that is so severe, as it somehow adds a sense of severity to the situation at hand.

A hundred million sharks… Not one million, but a hundred million.

Sadly, this is the age we live in today, where different shark populations are becoming depleted at such a rapid pace, placing most species in the endangered category, while others are reaching the brink of extinction.

It might seem like a topic that is completely unnecessary to for most people to raise awareness about, but what most don’t know, is that sharks are extremely important and play a vital role in our oceans’ ecosystem. That is why it is necessary for a new generation, along with the current one, to learn as much as possible about these magnificent creatures, who although are viewed by the world as only predators, are worthy of humans coming up with a solution to save them.

3 Severely Vulnerable Sharks

  • The Great White Shark

This incredible predator, roams as the biggest predator in the ocean, next to Orcas and some species of Giant Squid.

The incredibly feared Great White Shark is considered as vulnerable on IUCN’s Red List. Although this sea specimen has been portrayed as the worst of all, it should be fearing humans, who overfish and fin them.

  • The Basking Shark

If you’ve ever seen an image of this shark, you’ve must’ve thought to yourself that by the look of it, it is very scary.

Although that be the case, it is also recognized as vulnerable on IUCN’s Red List, due to their fins becoming popular and valuable on the international Chinese trade market.

  • The Dusky Shark

We bet you didn’t know that this one even exists, but it is the slowest-growing shark in the world and bears only small litters. This shark has been recognized as one of the most vulnerable sea creatures, next to sea turtles and great whales.

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