When researched, water pollution refers to the contamination of freshwater resources / drinking water, groundwater, as well as any other water source on earth.

Since contamination can occur for many different reasons or because of different things, which includes medications and chemicals, acid rain, bacteria or industrial waste, people should be cautious when disposing of anything wherever they are. Being mindful of the environment, especially when disposing of anything in one’s home, could make the biggest difference and help sustain the environment.

Given that water is required as an essential source, not only for the purpose of sustaining life, but also to produce electricity, sustain e-commerce, recreation, sanitation, agriculture, and health, it’s really a shame that it is not protected by all countries around the world.

In fact, many countries have neglected to look after their freshwater resources and have turned their rivers into dump sites for wastewater, sewage, plastic and more. These countries are now struggling to sustain themselves and require help from the World Health Organization to protect their resources.

Did you know that there is only 0.01% of water accessible for drinking?

What a scary thought it is to think that there is only 0.01% of water available for us to drink? The rest of the water in the world makes up the ocean, contaminated and unusable water or frozen water, which when melted, dissolves into the ocean, combining with the saltwater, which is unconsumable.

Water pollution can be classified as either point source or nonpoint source, with point source water being directly discharged into the ocean, streams, and rivers. Whereas, non-point water sources, reaches water indirectly, for instance through melted snow, natural or artificial pollutants like toxic chemicals, fertilizers, salt, sediments, and bacteria. Due to runoff, these substances (nonpoint sources), contribute to the pollution in water and enters lakes, rivers, groundwater, and wetlands all over the world, daily. This adds to the bigger problem of even freshwater becoming contaminated.

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