Back in the year 1994, individuals right around the world, due to the published studies of scientists, started saving water by implementing new and improved water saving systems. These included low flow showerheads, faucets and low water usage shower heads. While this seemed to be a great effort to save water back in the 90’s, it is one that could not possibly be left at that to conserve enough water to sustain the rest of the world for an eternity.

While implemented by most, individuals right across the globe still tend to waste large amounts of water and need to find common ground to save water even more.

What can you do to save water from home?

  • Install that low-flow shower head. This will allow you to save up to fifteen gallons of water while showering.
  • Shave while using cold water rather than hot water.
  • Be sure to fix all leaks around your house, as it could be causing up to 10 gallons of lost water a day.
  • Shower instead of taking a bath. Most people don’t even know this simple fact, but taking a bath depletes up to 70 gallons of water per bathtub. This is an excessive amount of water, whereas when you shower, only 10-15 gallons is used. By taking a bath, you are using a weeks-worth of shower water.
  • Up to 22% of the water that is used in your household, is used while doing the washing. Be sure to adjust your washing machines settings, to save water. For instance, adjust the load setting of which you will be washing your clothes in.
  • Dishwashing is yet another home cleaning water conserving option and will save a lot more water than opening the taps for a traditional hand wash. With companies all around the world turning greener, they are also starting to design machines that are best suited for using less water.

With many efforts and the entire world doing their part each day, we too can conserve water, each individual and household.

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