It has been common knowledge for years now, that one is allowed and even encouraged to adopt an animal of some sort.

This initiative has always primarily been focused on big wild cats, such as lions, tigers, leopards, as well as other animals in conservation parks.

However, adopting a marine animal is something that is not talked about enough. Adopting a shark, no less, and up until recently, has remained unheard of. However, due to sharks becoming more and more vulnerable, endangered and yes, eventually extinct, this is an initiative that should be brought to light and needs requires far more attention than we could ever imagine.

As the second largest shark in the world, next to the whale shark, the basking shark is highlighted as one magnificent creature. They are recognized for being planktivorous sharks, which makes them look rather… interesting, to say the least.

If you don’t know which shark species we’re referring to, then think about a shark that perhaps you’ve seen before with an unusually gigantic mouth. Being harmless to humans, next to the biggest shark species in the world, the whale shark, which is just as harmless, makes you redefine the definition of a shark in your mind entirely, now doesn’t it?
Try even swimming with either one of these giants, to discover just how peaceful they are, as this will change your mind about their nature and the fact that humans regard them as a threat to mankind, completely.

Facing Endangerment Status on IUCN’s Red List

Reaching endangerment status on this list means that this shark species has had a significant decrease in their population, which has made them vulnerable to reach extinction.

While being hunted for their fins, oil, and meat, is not something necessarily one person can stop, adopting this magnificent species of shark, will contribute to the cause of protecting them, with the goal in mind to eventually restore a healthy number of their population.

There is something you can do to change the tomorrow of the basking shark species. So, use your power and make a difference today.

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